Saturday, March 22, 2014

Between the Russians and the Riots...

....I haven't had a lot of personal time for the last few weeks.  I'd love to tell you more, but I don't want to be impolitic, nor do I wish to upset or offend my host nation friends.  I saw a friend's daughter's schedule for spring break, and I thought perhaps you'd like to here my plans for spring break - well, this weekend, at least.  Times are approximations - I'm not as organized or disciplined as some kids.  I'd love to hear how you spend the weekend, too!

1000-1200  Wake up, get a Starbucks mocha frappuccino and a Leibniz pick-up! cookie from the fridge, and back to bed to play on my tablet for an hour or two (check Facebook - look for new photos of my kids!, Scramble with Friends, Words with Friends, Juice Cubes, Candy Crush, email, watch a couple of YouTube videos.  Read ALL about a horror movie the Bloggess watched but I will never watch because I don't like much of that sort of thing, but think it sounds really interesting, so maybe Mike should watch it and tell me about it.)

1200-1400  Decide I really like the spring break schedule I saw on Facebook and will blog one of my own.  Determine I'll do a couple of chores before I treat myself to a shower, then a cup of tea and a book.  Crawl out of bed, grab some laundry to hand wash, head into the kitchen where I realize I'll have to wash dishes before I can wash the laundry.  

Wash the dishes, realize my kitchen floor is filthy again, then (do my hand washing, scrub the floor Cinderella-style using the left-over hand wash water, empty the fridge and freezer of old food, wash those dishes, lift weights, re-wind some yarn, do some ab work, and gather up all the trash and recycling in the house.  Wonder whether, if I put my big bottle of water out with my trash and recycling, my kapici will arrange to have my water replaced.).  

I do the things in brackets not consecutively, but rather in little bites depending on where I am in the apartment.  For example, as I move my kitchen weights (5-lb and 10-lb) to the hallway so I can clean the floor, I do some bicep curls and triceps work.  When I go to get the trash from the bathroom, I also switch out the soap and soap dishes and stop in my workout room for some ab work and more weight-lifting.  When I take the hand-wash to the laundry room to lay out to dry, I realize I'm never going to finish the project on top of my yarn stash, so I unravel it and wind the yarn back into the ball.  
This makes me want to crochet a bear for the Mother Bear Project, so I head into the living room to find the pattern; wonder whether the colours matter to the African children, and whether they'll like my bear, which won't have anything fancy about it.  

I can't find the pattern, but when I move my books around, I notice some professional reading I've neglected and a Christmas card I never sent and lament my lack of discipline.  I feel so badly about myself, I need chocolate to cheer up, and that's when I realize the fridge needs emptying.  And the chocolate didn't help, so maybe a little glass of vodka tonight.  Ooh!  The vodka bottle looks pretty in the sunlight!  I'll photograph it!  

1400-1600  A nice long shower with St Yves apricot face scrub and their body wash.  Contemplate the article I read last night about microbeads trashing the environment and poisoning critters, because the beads leach toxins from the water - which is good for the water, but bad for the critters that eat the beads.  Think it would be a really cool project for high school or college kids to work on, and wonder whether there are creative kids out there right now working on a solution, and whether our current bureaucratic and politic environment will let their solution work.  And wonder why it will take until 2017 for businesses to stop using microbeads - why can't they stop right now?

I finally get to have my special loose-leaf vanilla tea and cookie, and the tea pot stand needs polishing, so I polish my duck, too, and my dining table, and I decide the teapot looks so pretty, I'll photograph it.  I read a bit of Nicci French's Blue Monday, recommended by my Scottish boss, but then I need a tea refill, and I think maybe I'll get started blogging.  While my computer boots up, I prepare to boil a couple of eggs, so I have to find my cookbook (yes, I can't boil eggs without a recipe.  Don't laugh, it's my problem, not yours.) and I realize I still have Martha Stewart and Real Simple magazines from Christmas, so I stand at the dining table and flip thru them, tearing out everything interesting and putting the pages into a folder to be ignored for a few months.

1600-?  When I get back to my computer, I realize the Turkish-viral-crap I inadvertently downloaded to my computer last night - but I thought I had fixed - is still on there, so I swear very loudly and profusely, ordering my computer to do things it just wasn't designed to do and only William S. Burroughs could imagine, except I saw Naked Lunch and wish I hadn't...

And then I blog for a bit, and wonder whether you'll like this...  

Tonight I'll watch some Downton Abbey while I knit and drink my vodka.  I expect I'll do this all again tomorrow, without the blogging, and it will be my living room floor I mop and the sheets I'll wash.


  1. Ahahahhahaha. You and I are exactly alike! Mike is always teasing me about how I never get anything completely done. Because I move from one thing to the next but it all makes sense to me. Enjoy your Spring Break weekend!

  2. :) I have never been able to finish just one task! Hope you and Mike and Kelen are all well and happy! Miss you, but we'll see you before you know it!